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We are here to help you get your finanical future back on track and make them a reality. Don’t put up with creditor’s reporting incorrectly and start standing your ground with us backing you.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

" I was apprehensive to work with CCS. I had spent to much money on credit repair companies that gave litttle to no benefit. But working with CCS I was able to see amazing results within 45 days .Thank you! "

- Nicholas Rogers
Las Vegas, NV

" C&S is a great company. They are cheap and fast turn around time."

- Claira Winson
Las Vegas, NV

Junah La Rosa is Awesome! She is a Credit Specialist god! If only her coolness would rub off on me! She the best at Credit Counseling & Solutions ! All of my clients work with her and have become fans of her work."

- Jesse B. Lucero
Advertising Executive, Las Vegas, NV

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