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Your credit can help or hurt your ability to pursue your life goals and dreams.

We work hand-in-hand with you to make your credit serve your success.

The Benefits of Better Credit

Have you suffered the humiliation and restriction of being denied financing for a new home or vehicle? Get the access and mobility you need for your life goals with our professional credit repair.

Get Better Credit

Remove the errors and unverifiable items that are holding down your credit scores.

Qualify for Financing

Your credit scores directly affect the interest you pay. We can help you qualify for better rates.

Gain More Freedom

Better credit means more access to financing, loans, and credit at more affordable terms.

Get Real Results

We work to get the items most likely to be harming your credit the most removed — permanently.


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Personalized, quality customer service.  Fast, effective credit repair.  You get the benefits of our expert services! We’ll talk about your personal and financial goals, develop your personalized plan with you, and immediately get to work challenging your credit issues for total accuracy. Get results as soon as 30 days!

Make Your Credit a Priority.

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Real Results

We create and customize your disputes according to your needs. We then print and mail them on your behalf. We use our knowledge and expertise of the credit bureaus’ automated systems to trigger their codes and get you results.

Your Rights!

You have the right to 100% verifiable accuracy in your credit reports, according to Federal consumer protection laws such as the FCRA. That’s the importance of having a credit expert examine your credit reports in detail, to make sure nothing that could be holding back your dreams gets missed.

Credit Audit and Repair

We investigate your credit history for any negative accounts or details that may be inaccurate or unverifiable. We’ll dispute your negative items for you, using our professional experience and knowledge of the consumer protection laws.

Helping Families and Individuals Like You Every Day!

You and your family deserve credit that enables and empowers you financially, instead of standing in your way. We use time-tested strategies to remove bad credit items and help you build long-lasting good credit to set you up for lifetime success! Contact us now to get the credit you deserve.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

" I was apprehensive to work with CCS. I had spent to much money on credit repair companies that gave litttle to no benefit. But working with CCS I was able to see amazing results within 45 days .Thank you! "

- Nicholas Rogers
Las Vegas, NV

" C&S is a great company. They are cheap and fast turn around time."

- Claira Winson
Las Vegas, NV

Junah La Rosa is Awesome! She is a Credit Specialist god! If only her coolness would rub off on me! She the best at Credit Counseling & Solutions ! All of my clients work with her and have become fans of her work."

- Jesse B. Lucero
Advertising Executive, Las Vegas, NV

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